I already published several small posts on this subject in FB earlier. And in 2017 the Kazan log "Real time" asked to write for them already unrolled article. A reason for a repost of this article was the release of article of the Kazakh researcher of Kayrat Asanov in specialized group for fans of ethnogenomics, confirmatory my theory today. I gave the reference to it in the first comment.

And below directly a repost of my article from the Real time log. The reference to the source is stirred in the second comment.


As because of the boy from the Aral coast the history and cultural traditions in different parts of Eurasia changed. Artur Idelbayev's version

The Ufa blogger Artur Idelbayev in today's author's column written for "Real time" comes to a surprising conclusion: the tradition of Tatars and Bashkirs to have tea with milk, popular in Great Britain, is connected with existence of a certain gene. According to the columnist of our online newspaper, this factor makes related the Turkic people with residents of Western Europe.


Many heard or read that British like to have tea with milk. Tatars and Bashkirs have such custom too. But very few people thought that traditions of residents of the Foggy Albion and the Volga-Ural region are connected by one genetic feature.

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Divide in half: the Ministry of construction has told about the house in Magnitogorsk

Partially collapsed multi-storey residential building in Magnitogorsk will be divided into two separate buildings, said the Ministry of construction. The Agency promised that during the removal of the damaged structures will be continually monitoring the condition of the house. Earlier, Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that the government will send 147 million rubles from the reserve Fund to help the inhabitants of the collapsed house. 

Emergency plavdok in Murmansk: we are searching for the missing

Updated at 13:13

Floating dock PD-50, which was repaired cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov", went under water at the exit of an aircraft carrier repair. The incident occurred on the night of 30 October at the shipyard "Asterisk" in the village of Roslyakovo in Murmansk region. 

The representative of the plant Yevgeny Gladyshev said "news"that caused "the power outage, which from the shore is served on a floating dock". "As a result, began to fill with water ballast tanks and floating dock. This caused an unplanned dip Doc in the water," he said. Later, however, rosseti reported, conducted an internal review and found that disabling the electricity powering the shipyard, was not.

In the result of emergency injured four workers. Two of them are in intensive care, one person was missing.

The question of raising the sunken floating dock at the plant near Murmansk is not yet resolved. About it , said "Interfax" the head of the United shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov.

Admiral Kuznetsov". Photo: Lev Fedoseyev/TASS

During the incident on the deck of "Admiral Kuznetsov" a crane collapsed, according to "the Murmansk Bulletin". The cruiser was towed to another shipyard in Murmansk.

That became the reason of flooding the dock? While there is only speculation, says chief editor of military media group Mil.Press.Flot Sergei Soceanu:

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In Kerch, the College underwent an explosion there killed

17 Oct, 13:34 the National anti-terrorist Committee (NAC) said that the cause of the explosion was the detonation of an unidentified explosive device.

That's what told Business FM Nicholas, who is studying in this Polytechnic College:

— I was there, I was at the shops. And when I was in the workshops, there was an explosion, and we told everyone to leave the building. Then we heard automatic gunfire, and told us all to leave. Well, we went out and everything.

And the shots from a machine — is that where it is?

Is look College. In the workshops we were 200 meters behind.

— And who could shoot, are there any suggestions?

— We do not know, do not know.

— Is there a suggestion that it could explode? Still saying that, then tossed to the first floor.

— I think it's something... either a grenade or something... I don't know, I saw something.

— And the gas, there is still one assumption, there is all the gas is spent?

— Gas? I don't know. I in the morning never seen anything like it. No gas that.

And all were able to withdraw from the College?

— This I do not know.

— I have to be honest, the night almost did not sleep, so in the end the pair fell asleep, confessed to the journalist of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" student Simeon Gavrilov. — That saved me. I woke up by the noise. Looked out of the office, and there goes the guy with the gun and shoot everyone. Then I closed in the hope that he will not hear me. 10 minutes later the police arrived with guns. What happened to the shooter, I don't know. When the security forces began to evacuate students and teachers, I also came. In the corridor where the explosion occurred, smashing Windows. The floor was covered in dead bodies. All the walls were charred.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda"

17 Oct, 13:49 the Investigative Committee reports on excitation of criminal case after the explosion in Kerch, but does not specify what article.

17 Oct, 14:00 Director of the College Olga Grebennikova: "full of Corpses, corpses of children are overweight — a real terrorist attack. Broke five minutes after I left... broke with some explosive packs, then with guns. I do not know what, on the second floor opened all the rooms, killed everyone I could find who caught our eyes."

Student Nicholas said "Moscow speaking" that the attackers were two. One of them stood on the stairs and shot at people.

Were in school at the time of emergency Albina saw the wounded outside the College.

"We waited at the office. Five meters from us, an explosion occurred, which laid the ears. Teachers started to run and say that it's a fire. All fled over fences where he could. When ran, you could hear explosions, gunfire. It was not the gas cylinder. The explosions were about five. The second was shot, seven seconds passed — again. In the group conversation, write that those who were on the stairs and in the dining room shot. The girl two feet of the explosion broke. When ran, saw the girl unconscious, covered in blood lying. She was lying in the courtyard of the College. Lay back and barely breathe."

According to Albina, five minutes after the first explosion arrived at the scene an ambulance and the police.

Another student of the College in Kerch Elizabeth confirmed "Moscow speaking" that also heard the shooting.

"It was a change. After a couple I went to the second floor. Heard an explosion. All the teachers say this is not a drill, so we all ran into the street. I heard explosions, lots of explosions. Heard someone shouting that people in the blood lie. Someone's brain was paralyzed. The smoke was like. The window flew. On the second floor I heard explosions, gunfire. Heard on the second floor that was shot.

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Hard work writer

Good day, James!

We are glad to inform you that our publisher plans to print your novel. You should note that you are incredibly talented and you have a great future in literature. However, there is an important requirement. You have to change the gender of the main character. Now the image of a strong woman is very relevant.

Sincerely, L. Summers.


Good afternoon, Linda.

As you requested, I changed the gender of the main character. Now it is a woman. Just changed the love line. Now the main character, during an expedition to the North Pole at home, is waiting for Steven - a faithful husband.

James morou.


Good afternoon, James.

Read the new version. The editor recommends changing another episode. In the seventh chapter, when freezing polar explorers are heated together in one sleeping bag. Now that the main character is a woman, there is a strange sexual overtones, try to do something about it.

And yet - in the tenth chapter, polar explorers all pray together. Religion is an acute question, make it so that they pray to different gods, and not to one.

Sincerely, L. Summers.


Hello, Linda.

I replaced the episode you talked about. Now polar explorers pray not only to God. Each has its own religion. Including voodoo and neo-paganism. I hope this is quite an extensive list.

I also changed the seventh chapter. Now polar explorers bask in groups, according to religious considerations. And the heroine is generally separate.

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Joy in the house! Call the children! "New iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr"

I can not wait, when someone from the sect of witnesses of the power of Apple, will approach me and say:
"At last, my phone is better than yours, Xiaomi, I'm ready to accept your argument!" And I will finally win the money I promised. "
If someone does not remember, I promised to any iPhone player money, for the fact that he will find at least one position, according to which the iPhone does not lose to Xiaomi.
Yes. blt. At least one.
I'm not talking about the recording of calls or the "second space, two sims, which never occurred in the iPhone." (I do not have chips of a specific type of phone, you have an IR port, but I have either a NFS and you have it in your bracelet)

I'm just talking about basic things.
For example, a person will say: I sfotkayu in-oh-oh-he that car and we on my phone will see the number, but on your not.
Or say: Let's turn on the video. Who has enough charge for longer, he won.
Or for example say: My phone is fast. Applications open faster than yours. Or the phone does not hang. Let's open half a hundred applications and who will probably hang.
Or say: but we argue my phone faster than your energy will charge.
Or, for example, say that in an iPhone night photos of night photos are better. Or daylight. Or some other position will come up. I'm ready.

Here I am. Here is my five-hat for one position. He will win in all positions, get five-ten-one hundred thousand.

Well, can not the same iphone shamefully lose. Something in it is better.
For example, it is pleasantly in the hand.
Or what you can say at the bar: "I left the iPhone in the car," when others say "phone."
Or can say that in three years my phone will be obsolete, and it still goes on as much.
Dare to fantasize.

Pokofon f1 Foto. Without treatment. Photos in real size and quality. As it is


Arthur Idelbaev is with Greg Perkins and Jonnie Pookins.
August 30 at 2:41 PM ·

   If anyone remembers, I promised our route to Nugush, to make it into a costume Indian. Because everything contributes to this. On the territory of the ethno park "Inaya" there are not only yurts, but also the traditional dwelling of the prairie Indians - tipi (not to be confused with the wigwam); there is a horse of the suit, typical for the Indian breed of horses "pinto" and "appaloosa". It remained only to sew Indian costumes and dress them in guests for a full immersion. Which we did.
The idea of ​​the tour is combined. It is not so much Indian, as Indian-Bashkir. We tell the guests about the parallels between the traditional way of life and the culture of the American Indians and Bashkirs, the unity of origin of the nomadic yurt and the Indian tipi. But not only.
It is known that between Turkic languages, to which Bashkir refers, and some Indian languages, there are similar moments. Scientists have already paid attention to this for a long time. So, for example, the Indians of the Sioux Pope will have Ata, Mama - Ana, Ine, Big Brother - Aha, Leader - Khan, Kagan and T etc. And these words are about three hundred.
Also, scientists involved in ethnogenomics, as a result of DNA comparison, found that the closest relatives of the Indians are our Tuvans, Altaians and chum. Tuvans and Altaians, as well as Bashkirs, speak Turkic languages.

(без названия)
All this we also tell our tourists. They really all are interested in this.
And the first two groups of tourists went through this program and are very happy. It's funny that in the first group of foreign tourists there were many Americans (although there were Australians, people from South Korea, ethnic Filipinos). And so I told the Americans about the history, culture of the American Indians. It was very funny.
In the middle of my speech, I asked:
- Have any of you seen a native Indian in your homeland?

(без названия)

One of the women replied that her niece had married a Native American.
- And from what tribe? I asked.
"I do not remember exactly, but I can call and clarify."
- Well, from what state?
- Nevada.
"Then he's probably from the Navajo tribe."
- Right! He is a Navajo!

(без названия)

- Good! Then I will tell you the history of the Navajo tribe, "I said, and began to tell the story of the fate of the Navajo tribe. About how they are one of the few after the annexation of the northern Mexican territories to the States, they did not fight the US Army, but decided to keep the peace on the terms of the enemy and move to the barren lands of the reservation.
It was humiliating for such a proud and powerful nation as the Navajos thought themselves to be. But history showed that they were right. Unlike many of its no less powerful neighbors - Apache, Comanche, Kiowa, Cheyenne - Navajo, thanks to the world, managed to preserve their gene pool and are now one of the most numerous Indian peoples of North America.
During the Second World War, the Navajo took an active part in the fighting on the side of the American Government against Japan. It is known that one of the most important components in modern warfare is reliable communication. But the opponents easily deciphered each other's radio reports. Then the General Staff of the US Armed Forces decided to use the Navajo language instead of the cipher. And until the end of the war, the enemy was never able to decipher this language. Many Navajos returned from the war heroes.
The Americans, opening their mouths, listened carefully from my lips to the history of their own country. Then there were many questions. They were very impressed by the fact that there is a connection between the American Indians and the Eurasian Bashkirs.
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