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In Kerch, the College underwent an explosion there killed

17 Oct, 13:34 the National anti-terrorist Committee (NAC) said that the cause of the explosion was the detonation of an unidentified explosive device.

That's what told Business FM Nicholas, who is studying in this Polytechnic College:

— I was there, I was at the shops. And when I was in the workshops, there was an explosion, and we told everyone to leave the building. Then we heard automatic gunfire, and told us all to leave. Well, we went out and everything.

And the shots from a machine — is that where it is?

Is look College. In the workshops we were 200 meters behind.

— And who could shoot, are there any suggestions?

— We do not know, do not know.

— Is there a suggestion that it could explode? Still saying that, then tossed to the first floor.

— I think it's something... either a grenade or something... I don't know, I saw something.

— And the gas, there is still one assumption, there is all the gas is spent?

— Gas? I don't know. I in the morning never seen anything like it. No gas that.

And all were able to withdraw from the College?

— This I do not know.

— I have to be honest, the night almost did not sleep, so in the end the pair fell asleep, confessed to the journalist of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" student Simeon Gavrilov. — That saved me. I woke up by the noise. Looked out of the office, and there goes the guy with the gun and shoot everyone. Then I closed in the hope that he will not hear me. 10 minutes later the police arrived with guns. What happened to the shooter, I don't know. When the security forces began to evacuate students and teachers, I also came. In the corridor where the explosion occurred, smashing Windows. The floor was covered in dead bodies. All the walls were charred.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda"

17 Oct, 13:49 the Investigative Committee reports on excitation of criminal case after the explosion in Kerch, but does not specify what article.

17 Oct, 14:00 Director of the College Olga Grebennikova: "full of Corpses, corpses of children are overweight — a real terrorist attack. Broke five minutes after I left... broke with some explosive packs, then with guns. I do not know what, on the second floor opened all the rooms, killed everyone I could find who caught our eyes."

Student Nicholas said "Moscow speaking" that the attackers were two. One of them stood on the stairs and shot at people.

Were in school at the time of emergency Albina saw the wounded outside the College.

"We waited at the office. Five meters from us, an explosion occurred, which laid the ears. Teachers started to run and say that it's a fire. All fled over fences where he could. When ran, you could hear explosions, gunfire. It was not the gas cylinder. The explosions were about five. The second was shot, seven seconds passed — again. In the group conversation, write that those who were on the stairs and in the dining room shot. The girl two feet of the explosion broke. When ran, saw the girl unconscious, covered in blood lying. She was lying in the courtyard of the College. Lay back and barely breathe."

According to Albina, five minutes after the first explosion arrived at the scene an ambulance and the police.

Another student of the College in Kerch Elizabeth confirmed "Moscow speaking" that also heard the shooting.

"It was a change. After a couple I went to the second floor. Heard an explosion. All the teachers say this is not a drill, so we all ran into the street. I heard explosions, lots of explosions. Heard someone shouting that people in the blood lie. Someone's brain was paralyzed. The smoke was like. The window flew. On the second floor I heard explosions, gunfire. Heard on the second floor that was shot.

Someone had through the fence to escape. We broke Windows on the first floor and climbed through the window. We were taken across the road where the gas station was. There recorded, who was. I was taken by car parents. Someone would stop any car and left. I still think it was a terrorist attack. Some people were shot."

Daniel, a former the place of the accident, told our correspondent that teacher's College was shot by the man with the white hair.

"Moscow Says"

A student opened fire in the Kerch College, in October received the permission for hunting weapon, said the Commissioner for the protection of children's rights in the Crimea Irina Klyuyev.

"In this chain appears permission for the use of hunting weapons, in October, he got this guy. System of getting weapons I don't know, I don't own a gun, but I didn't think such young people could do it. You need to find out. Surely he had to undergo medical examinations, psychologists, just so people can't get a weapons permit, even if it is hunting", — Klyuev told Interfax.

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