Emergency plavdok in Murmansk: we are searching for the missing

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Floating dock PD-50, which was repaired cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov", went under water at the exit of an aircraft carrier repair. The incident occurred on the night of 30 October at the shipyard "Asterisk" in the village of Roslyakovo in Murmansk region. 

The representative of the plant Yevgeny Gladyshev said "news"that caused "the power outage, which from the shore is served on a floating dock". "As a result, began to fill with water ballast tanks and floating dock. This caused an unplanned dip Doc in the water," he said. Later, however, rosseti reported, conducted an internal review and found that disabling the electricity powering the shipyard, was not.

In the result of emergency injured four workers. Two of them are in intensive care, one person was missing.

The question of raising the sunken floating dock at the plant near Murmansk is not yet resolved. About it , said "Interfax" the head of the United shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov.

Admiral Kuznetsov". Photo: Lev Fedoseyev/TASS

During the incident on the deck of "Admiral Kuznetsov" a crane collapsed, according to "the Murmansk Bulletin". The cruiser was towed to another shipyard in Murmansk.

That became the reason of flooding the dock? While there is only speculation, says chief editor of military media group Mil.Press.Flot Sergei Soceanu:

The electricity is then served on the company, and then it's distributed from the local substation. Maybe there was a problem with the power supply, which is already on the premises, where responsible not the supplier, but directly to the operator. A possible problem here with the performance of the reinforcement ship that had carried water in the tank, that is probably when it was necessary to have to shut off the flow of water, she continued. For some reason, manually closed the valves. Now it is guesswork.

— How much can take time, the construction of a new floating dock? Because the sources referred to at least six months — this is an operation to lift the experience of the rise of the nuclear submarine "Kursk".

— It's still two different things, that is, the lifting of the submarine from a depth of 100 metres and a lifting floating dock that lies there, in my opinion, depth of 24 meters. There is simply pumped into the air. At this depth, first, to work with the divers in a light gear, that is, the no-decompression method. The ascent from that depth is not such a big problem, as the rise from the depths of an object such as a submarine. That is, in principle, the floating dock is designed to dive and climb.Here it is, of course, went deeper than foreseen by the project, but it's much more simple operation than that of lifting the boat.

— If you still decide not to raise, to build a new floating dock how much time it might take? How it is expensive?

— No, it will still need to raise because he can't take the enterprise water area. Another thing is that if there damaged some equipment at the dock, the repair may be impractical, and then it where-that will take you into the Parking lot and will be quietly cut. Construction is a complex issue, where this size you can build docks to accommodate the workload. But potentially is a far East plant "Zvezda". There it is possible to build.

Yevgeny Gladyshev, a representative of the plant "star", which repairs the "Admiral Kuznetsov", claims that the plant to plavdok has nothing to do, that belongs to "Rosneft", but the "Admiral Kuznetsov" there was nothing fatal:

Yevgeny Gladyshev , a representative of the plant "star" , "Doc is the property "of the 82nd ship-repair plant". "The 82nd ship-repair plant" is part of the center of ship repair "Zvezdochka" and generally is outside the perimeter of the Corporation. Beneficiary there "Rosneft". So how then will be the owner of this dock, along with his owner to act in respect of the property, I find it difficult to say. The ship is in a state that corresponds to the current stage of repair. You have to understand that there is a part of the equipment is dismantled, chunk is loaded, not connected. A large amount of work on the ship.As for crane, he fell to the flight deck in the area of the technical zone. This section of the deck, which was made the technological cut-outs for unloading large equipment and further loading, there is either refurbished or new. This area of the deck and repair it, bring in the good condition it was still spelled out in the contract in the internal agreed volumes of work, so good luck that he fell in the area in which the work will be conducted".

According to the preliminary version of SK, the cause of the flooding floating dock was a violation of the rules of operation. United shipbuilding Corporation may sue to "Rosneft" as to the owner of the floating dock — the amount of damage inflicted avanessa cruiser accident. About this stated the head of the USC Alexey Rakhmanov.

Floating dock in which to repair the cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov", one of the largest in the world. It was built in Sweden in 1980. Length of dock is 330 meters.

The shipyard representative stated that due to an emergency Doc and schedule vehicle repair will not be disturbed. Earlier it was reported that the repair of the cruiser will be completed in 2021.


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